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So glad you're here- Kick your shoes off and relax; Here you can find news, gigs and other assorted tidbits from my camp; I'll do my best to keep it up to date!

The New HiNote Podcast!

So happy to announce the HiNote Podcast; my friend and fellow musician Jesse Hill and I have founded the musical podcast. It will deal with the Gulf Coast music scene - past, present and where the scene is headed. We will have various guests to discuss their contributions as well as anecdotes and other information; it's fun, entertaining as well as informative. It's available on all major and minor streaming platforms; we're sure you will enjoy it! The first episode is available and I'll post future episodes!


Coming soon- my latest offering "Redemption", which will be released Christmas 2022 in honor of the Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ; all proceeds will be donated to a charity to be named later. I am very excited about this project

First song from my upcoming project "Redemption"

My latest project "Finale" is out!

Finale is my latest project; it was written and recorded about the victims of the

Holocaust, in particular those of Auschwitz, Auschwitz-Birkenau. I wrote these songs with dignity in mind to honor these victims and their survivors. I am donating all proceeds from this project to the Children's Memorial Fund at Yad Veshem Holocaust Center in Jerusalem. It is available through this website and at my gigs, as well as pretty much all streaming sites!

  Tha​nks  for     v​isiting - see  you soon!!!

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